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Referral Success Kit™

Learn a Proven Systematic Approach to Grow Your Business
with More and Better Clients through Referrals

Referral Success Kit


The Referral Success Kit™ will help you:

  • Become more referable.
  • Get more referrals without even asking.
  • Get better quality referrals.
  • Ask for referrals in a manner that’s not begging or needy.
  • Know the exact moment to ask for referrals so you don’t seem pushy.
  • Know how to approach clients for referrals without hurting your relationship.
  • Turn referrals into warm introductions.
  • Know how and when to exit the referral request with confidence and grace.
  • Gain confidence in all aspects of the referral process.
  • Live a referral lifestyle!

The Referral Success Kit™ Contains All the Tools You Need to Turn Referrals into an Abundant Resource for Years to Come! Guaranteed!

Included In The Referral Success Kit:

Referral Success Kit - Prospecting

Prospecting For Quality Introductions™
for Financial Professionals

(7 Modules on 4 Audio CDs)

Stop waiting to be referred! Be referable! Be proactive! You’ll receive 3 hours of first-class audio training and a comprehensive Success Guide to help you turn ideas into actions and actions into results. This is not just theory - it’s practical, proven ideas and tactics you can put into use right away.

Modules Included:

  • Developing a referral mindset
  • Enhancing your referability
  • Planting referrals seeds
  • Asking for referrals effectively
  • Dealing effectively with resistance
  • Receiving referrals in the best way
  • Putting the system to work for you

Listen to the CDs to and from the office or appointments. Get the skills! Get inspired!

$295 if purchased separately.


Referral Success Kit - Scripts

Referral Scripts™ for Financial Professionals

Never be at a loss for words again.

This guide will show you exactly what to say to:

  • Promote referrals.
  • Ask for referrals.
  • Handle referral objections.
  • Turn referrals into introductions.

This guide also provides templates on how to ask for referrals through letters and get introduced through email.

With the many sample conversations provided, you’ll find the words that work best for you and your clients.

Scripts book not sold separately.



Referral Success Kit - Secrets

Secrets to Creating Unlimited Referrals®

(4 Audio CDs)

Get Bill Cates’ best selling audio CDs in one collection. Turn your car or office into your own personal referral university.

Topics Included:

  • Your blueprint for referral success
  • Asking for referrals with confidence
  • The real reasons you don’t get enough referrals
  • Referral secrets of top producers

Start meeting all your new prospects the way they want to meet you - through a referral!

$89.95 if purchased separately.



Referral Success Kit - Journal

The Introductions Journal

This handsome book:

  • Serves as a prop that will remind you to bring up referrals.
  • Provides a special place to record your referrals, which treats the process with importance.
  • Suggests trigger questions to make sure you learn the right things about your new prospect.

You’ll never forget to ask for referrals again!

$19.95 if purchased separately.



Referral Success Kit - Secret

Don’t Keep Me a Secret!

Bill Cates’ most recent book will give you over 100 ideas and tactics you can use to stimulate more referrals – including real-world examples and best practices.

This book will help you increase the number and quality of the referrals you receive.

$16.95 if purchased separately.



Referral Success Kit - Explosion


Create a Referral Explosion™ for Financial Professionals

(4 Audio CDs)

In 8 compelling interviews, Bill Cates gets top advisors and experts to reveal their best-kept client-acquisition strategies.

Interview Topics Included:

  • Articulate your value with confidence (Leo Pusateri)
  • Honesty sells (Steven Gaffney)
  • Become more referable (Mark Delton)
  • Your bottom 40 (Travis Chaney)
  • Set more appointments (Gail Goodman)
  • Enhance your branding (Peter Montoya)
  • Face-to-face marketing (Phil Simonides)
  • Social prospecting (Al Fox)

Practical, Proven and Profitable Ideas!

$119.95 Value – Only available with the Referral Success Kit™



Total Investment - Only $347

(Total Savings - $244.75)






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