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Be The First Believer

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by Ed Deutschlander
& Rich Campe

Be The First Believer

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Thinking about Thinking  


Start in the Beginning…
Start with Thinking


Rich Campe


According to one of Harvard’s Top 10 articles from the last century, “Managing Oneself,” written by the late Peter F. Drucker: 


“Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves - their strengths, their values and how they best perform.” 


Do people really change or is it that people, having been diverted in life, simply remember who they once were or who they were really supposed to be? As a coach, I have often pondered this question, introspectively and with colleagues, clients, friends and family. 


Oddly enough, after years of asking this question, the answer is ultimately “NO,” we do not change at the core of our being and with regard to our dominant thinking tendencies. 



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The world of business is changing at an exponential rate. The workforce is changing. What people want from their jobs and careers is changing. Keeping employees committed requires keeping them happy, not only with their individual jobs, but with the entire organization as well. That’s where ProAdvisor Coach comes in. Traditional management methods are falling short in this new workplace, but ProAdvisor Coach can give you your business the edge by unlocking the true potential of individuals, teams and organizations, and turning that potential into performance. 

To find out more how ProAdvisor Coach can create deep, sustainable change in individuals through individual, team and group coaching services, click here. 



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It is quite possibly the industry’s most powerful assessment. Instead of simply understanding “how” a person behaves, it objectively measures “why” a person behaves the way they do and provides the deepest possible understanding of behavior in the workplace and reveals precisely how to align your thinking strengths with your business plan in order to accelerate results and achieve unprecedented success.